Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Lovin

My goodness our vacation is going by fast. This summer is going fast...but it has been a fantastic summer to say the least! My cousin with her beautiful children came to town and we decided to go the creek once again

Yep...that one there she's mine. Crazy kid I know but so much like me it's insane. I was the oldest with only sisters and so is she. It's funny to see and hear things she does and I think back 18 years! 

Look at all those girls! We had Aliya but she's a little young (3 months) to sit in a tree. Little Nora girl is so adorable! She had such a fun day with all my girls. It was hours of imagination at work! Tea party's, space travel, Las Vegas (lol), and river fun. 

That's how we set up camp for the baby. She needed shade so her daddy took care of it! 

Which is one of the many reasons I love him!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ocean Views

Ok so anyone who knows me knows that the ocean is one of my top places to be. Anytime I am near the coast line I have to go! I have been from the Oregon coast, and the California beaches down to Texas and over to the Florida keys. I love the ocean! So naturally anytime we are visiting family in Oregon (which we are now) I take my kids to the coast.

It was Aliya's first look at the ocean and it won't be her last...

We had so much fun (as always)! Skylar and Kiera's favorite game is "wave run" and it's exactly what it sounds to be. The girls go out as far as they are brave enough to go (so not very far lol) and wait for a wave. When it comes close you run!!! 

They made it back! Love my girls so much and it means the world to me that we can make so many amazing memories...

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Skylar Corner

My sisters were messing with the soda machine and Kiera lift up Lilly to press the Pepsi button and a Pepsi came out! We are still in Oregon!:o I don't know when we are going home but I am loving it here!

Another Day

As I sit here on this beautiful morning while on vacation I know I am so blessed! We are having a wonderful time together as we visit with family.

My kids are so happy when all together. It make me as a mama so excited to know they have such an amazing relationship. There are some who would like to see them apart and not so close but their love for one another can never ever be broken. Skylar has many sisters from both houses and we know she has a relationship with all of her sisters but there is something very special she shares with my girls. 

We are just beyond blessed with our girls! I can't say it enough...

I am so excited to see what this next school year brings. There will be some amazing things in store for the family, and I am forever grateful and so thankful to my Lord for giving me these children as mine to raise. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back Together

My hubs and Skylar finally made it to Oregon and oh my goodness were we excited that day! I hate being away from either of them... Skylar chose to stay with her dad which was totally fine but I missed her soooo much! She is just the greatest little girl and tries so hard to make everyone happy. 

Aliya was so cute when she saw her sister...her face was priceless. After they had been here for a few hours we broke out some fireworks and my hubby well...

Apparently it's the cool thing to do lol! I was so just so dang happy to get all my girls back together. They love each other more than words could ever explain. I love how much they love and like one another. Not much fighting goes on in our house (yet) between them so it's nice. I am the most blessed mommy in the entire world!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My number 2

My number two daughter that is my beautiful little miss Kiera's 5th birthday! We are celebrating Oregon style by hanging with some family members, hitting up Toys R Us, riding some trains and so much more. This girl is an amazing little thing I tell ya...she has been and continues to be one of the greatest joys in my life. She has the most incredible imagination and is always keeping me on my toes. I love this little girl so much! There is never anything boring about life when she is around. My superstar she is gonna be...anything in life I know she will conquer. 

We all love you so much Kiera...thank you for being such am amazing kid and always finding the good in life. You will always be my baby girl!

Five years has gone by so fast!!!

Photo Share

Hi guys! We are having an amazing time and can't wait for Dan and Skylar to join us...for now here are a few photos to share with you! 

(A day at church!)

(Sleepy heads)

(Taking some cans back lol) 

(Fun with papa)

(Tree climbers)


(Dinner date)

As you can see we are having a great time! 
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